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Affordable Pigeon Cleanup Services

7 Days a Week

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Pigeon Cleanup & Deterrent Systems

Steri-Clean is trained in not only professional cleanup of dangerous pigeon waste, but we can provide deterrent services, so the pigeons NEVER come back! It can be costly to hire cleaning companies over and over, so let Steri-Clean's trained staff help you keep pigeons away. We have different deterrent systems that can solve any pigeon problem, in any location from outbuildings and barns, to highrise buildings, and industrial plants. 

 Pigeon Cleanup & Deterrent Systems: How it Works


  • Site Assessment
  • Provide an Estimate
  • Provide Staff, Equipment, and Supplies to Complete Job
  • Remove all Pigeon Droppings
  • Remove all Pigeon Nests
  • Remove and Dispose of Deceased Pigeons
  • Apply Electrostatic Disinfection
  • Surface Sampling To Qualify our Cleaning Service
  • Install The Right Pigeon Deterrent for Your Needs!
    • Optical Gel - Affordable and almosst invisible!
    • Spikes - Not as affective as Optical Gel and can be an eyesore.
    • Netting - Perfect for large areas of ceilings where birds tend to migrate, sit and nest
    • Other options available - Call today for more info!

Watch how Steri-Clean was able to completely clean and disinfect this retail stores roof line, then install Optical Gel to prevent the birds from ever returning!


Pigeon Cleanup Residential
Pigeon Cleanup Residential

When pigeons are discovered living in our attics, on balconies, or on our roof,  the damage they have caused can be severe. Often times there will be months or years worth of pigeon poop, pigeon nests, dead birds, eggs, and even many live birds. Items like ducting, HVAC systems, electrical lines, conduit, personal contents, and the structure itself can be severely affected and occasionally destroyed. So what is a homeowner to do?

Steri-Clean can be reached 7 days a week to schedule a no obligation on site assessment of your pigeon clean up needs. We can evaluate the damage caused by the birds, as well as how to prevent them from coming back in. All surfaces affected by pigeon droppings will be professionally cleaned and sanitized assuring the areas are once again safe. Often times electricians and plumbers discover the pigeon damage and refuse to work until the areas are properly cleaned. We will provide you with a "Safe To Occupy" letter for your records after the completion of the outlined scope of work. 

Call us today for any pigeon cleanup questions at (888) 577-7206!

Pigeon Cleanup Commercial
Pigeon Cleanup Commercial

Why does Steri-Clean provide services to so many commercial clients? Because our affordable, professional, and thorough pigeon droppings cleanup services are provided around our business clients needs and schedules. We provide our business clients with the care we would provide our own business, and the results show. Our pigeon droppings clean up services are requested by strip malls, restaurants, high rise buildings, churches (pictured above), cell towers, and much, much more. 

Care is taken to not disturb uninvolved portions of businesses to allow continued workflow and to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens. Access to involved areas may not be immediately known, but our highly trained crews can help develop a remediation plan to limit further damage as much as possible, and keep costs within the estimated range. Call Steri-Clean 7 days a week for your commercial and business pigeon cleanup needs. 

Call us today for any pigeon cleanup questions at (888) 577-7206!

Pigeon Cleanup Storage
Pigeon Cleanup Storage

Storage centers, enclosed storage garages and warehouse storage are another common place to find pigeons nesting. Steri-Clean has encountered severe levels of pigeon droppings, pigeon feces, and pigeon waste in storage units due to the lack of people entering the space on a regular basis. Pigeons love cool, dark places so storage units and warehouse provide just that. 

Steri-Clean responds to storage spaces of all shapes and sizes to properly remove all evidence of pigeon droppings and pigeon nesting materials. We then look for entrance points and seal them with wire mesh to prevent further entry and damage. Workers and employees should not attempt to clean pigeon droppings due to dangerous diseases that can be inhaled and can be fatal. Call Steri-Clean 7 days a week with any questions or to set up a no obligation on site assessment or clean up. We are happy to help in any way possible. 

Call Steri-Clean any day for pigeon cleanup questions at (888) 577-7206!