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Affordable Pigeon Cleanup Services

7 Days a Week

Pigeon Waste Cleanup, Pigeon Removal & Pigeon Deterrent Systems

Did you know there are around 400 million pigeons living among us, and their feces can be deadly? From attics and rooftops, to electrical rooms and warehouses, our pigeon cleanup services are in high demand. Steri-Clean is a nationwide company specializing in difficult cleaning and disinfection needs, and bird cleanup pigeon waste cleanup is certainly among the top of all requests we receive for service. 

Pigeons, unlike most birds who nest in trees, tend to nest in safe, enclosed spaces which commonly mean, our homes and businesses. Pigeons are among the messiest of birds and if left alone, the cleanup of pigeon waste, poop, nesting materials, and even dead pigeons can be quite an undertaking for an untrained person. Steri-Clean offices throughout the United States are trained in not only the proper methods of safely cleaning up pigeon droppings and waste, but the proper disinfectant application as well. There are several diseases found in pigeon droppings that are deadly to humans of contracts. 

Steri-Clean can quickly respond to any size pigeon clean up need, from a few droppings to a warehouse full! Our 27 years of pigeon cleaning experience has taught us all we need to know to handle even the most complex jobs. Don't take a chance with you, your family, or even your employees safety. Call the pigeon droppings cleanup professionals at Steri-Clean 7 days a week for help. 

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Pigeon Cleanup - Residential
Pigeon Cleanup - Residential

Attics are a very common place for pigeons to infiltrate and make their home. People rarely go into their attics to even realize the pigeons have taken over. Once a pigeon nest is discovered it may have been active for years, and the mess overwhelming and extremely dangerous to humans.

Diseases like Histoplasmosis thrive in pigeon waste and can be contracted by humans simply by breathing in the air in this type of environment. Full protective gear and respirators or supplies air is mandatory for being in a pigeon infested environment like the attic you see above. Steri-Clean's pigeon cleanup experts are available 7 days a week, so feel free to call us with any questions you may have. 

Pigeon Cleanup - Commercial
Pigeon Cleanup - Commercial

Pigeons can also set up their homes in HVAC rooms, cell towers, or in this case pictured above, an elevator control room. These locations are only discovered when maintenance workers are sent to work on them. Due to the extreme danger, the workers typically refuse to perform their duties until the machinery is properly cleaned and disinfected. 

Steri-Clean technicians across the United States respond to roof tops, storage centers, school districts, grocery stores, and commercial properties of all types to provide the proper pigeon waste clean up services required and can certify that the areas affected are now cleaned and safe for occupancy or work by other professional trades to be performed. If you are faced with an area affected with pigeon droppings on your property, call us for a no obligation assessment and estimate. We are available 7 days a week to assist you by calling (888) 577-7206. 

Pigeon Clean Up & Deterrent Services

Pigeon Cleanup & Control services are available for the following needs throughout the United States.

  • Pigeon Droppings Clean Up
  • Pigeon Waste Clean Up
  • Pigeon Nest Cleanup
  • Dead Pigeon Disposal
  • Electrostatic Disinfection
  • Surface Testing Before and After Clean Up
  • Legal Disposal of Dangerous Pigeon Feces
  • Bird Control & Deterrent Installation
  • Letter of Certification Upon Completion