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Thursday, April 18 2019

Pigeon Waste and Pigeon Droppings are very common, but they are also extremely dangerous, even deadly. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional company like Steri-Clean to properly clean pigeon waste, control the atmosphere when needed, apply the appropriate disinfectant, then legally dispose of the waste. 

If you insist on cleaning pigeon droppings yourself, here are the steps you should follow:

1) Wear full PPE - including eye protection, N95 or N100 respirator (mandatory), gloves, and disposable Tyvek type coveralls

2) Do Not Allow Dust! Lightly spray down the droppings prior to disturbing them so nothing becomes airborne. Histoplasmosis is a sometimes deadly disease that is spread through the air when we breathe it in. By moistening the droppings prior to removal, this will reduce that risk.

3) Remove the pigeon waste and place into a trash bag, and tie it shut, then double bag and tie the second bag in a knot as well. 

4) Once all visible signs of pigeon droppings are removed, apply an EPA registered disinfectant for the appropriate dwell time according to the label. 

5) The are should be well ventilated during this process, and keeping doors and windows of nearby residential or commercial buildings is highly recommended to prevent cross-contamination. 

6) For professional help call (888) 577-7206 7 days a week. 

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